Scotland – developing a national approach to get youth job ready

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Everyone Matters, Scotland’s 2020 workforce vision is a sound example of a country showing commitment to their youth.  Connecting NHS Boards, the Scottish Government and businesses, the action plan is a result of a countrywide conversation among 10,000 people.

Tourism in ScotlandWith Scotland’s unemployment numbers on the rise (5.9%), increasing by 1,000 to 163,000 between February and April this year, programs are extremely important to focus on the employability of young people.

Healthy organisational cultures, sustainable workforces

Scotland is on a quest for a skilled and empowered workforce – through a number of initiatives.  According to a skills audit survey, there is a gap in digital tools and technology in the workforce.

The Government has since introduced the Digital Champions Development Programme – a public sector course inspiring leaders about the transformational potential of digital technologies.  Participants will be able to implement digital concepts into their organisations and drive change to current ways of working.

But it’s Scotland’s focus on connecting schools, vocational education and training, and employers that has set it apart.

World-class vocational system

Fair Work, Skills and Training work with local government and employers to deliver recommendations of the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce, to continue to develop a world-class vocational education system.

Roseanna Cunningham, the Cabinet Secretary, said they’re determined to close to the gap in schools and enable the widest possible access to Higher Education.

“The Scottish Parliament will shortly have the first reading of the budget bill for 2015/16 which includes £4.5 billion of investment in infrastructure and additional funding for youth employment to secure sustained growth for Scotland,” Ms Cunningham said.

It seems every where you turn there’s a strategy to support Scotland’s youth – and one’s which have close ties with economic objectives.

The Skills for Scotland: Accelerating the Recovery and Increasing Sustainable Economic Growth is a shining example.  It sets out a new, flexible and responsive partnership approach to meeting Scotland’s skill requirements.  This plan is closely aligned with the Government Economic Strategy, which helps small businesses create jobs.

Scotland: People are their biggest asset

Scotland’s recession brought with it a sharp increase in unemployment.  And these effects have been particularly detrimental to young people.  The Economic Strategy highlights the nation’s commitment to tackle unemployment, skills gap and lack of opportunity.

Making more effective use of skills, talents, ideas and ambitions is fundamental to ensuring the fullest possible labour market participation – leading Scotland back to a higher level of productivity and sustainable growth.

These programs will help arm Scotland’s youth with all the necessary skills and training to perform in roles that allows Scotland to complete in global markets.

If you’d like to explore sustainable skills and workforce solutions please contact Wendy Perry via

December 2015

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