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Product Description

Working across Education and Training including VET/Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), Employment and Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Startups and Scaleups, 21st Century Capabilities and Future Jobs, Workforce Planning and Development for Businesses and Employers, Government and Industry, Regions and Countries specific areas for coaching and mentoring, 1 on 1 or in small groups, includes:



  • Business Development
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Connections and Networking
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Ideas, Innovation and Action
  • Industry and Partner Engagement
  • Pitching and Presentation
  • Product Development and Management
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Vocational Education and Training/TVET
  • Workforce Planning, Management and Development

Alongside Startups & Side Hustles, those who are Self Employed & Sub Contractors, Small Businesses, Scaleups and Standouts coaching and mentoring business, government, industry and regional leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, Ministers and MPs, startups and Small Medium Enterprises, the approach is very practical and supportive, focusing on getting you unstuck, with feedback from mentees outlined below.

I was privileged to be mentored by Wendy during the Venture Dorm Entrepreneurship program through the New Venture Institute. Before I was matched with Wendy, I already knew of her reputation and was ecstatic to have the opportunity! I am confident that Wendy’s mentoring was fundamental to me ultimately winning the prize for the course, with over $30K in prizes!

The stand-out quality that Wendy had was her belief in me and expanding my limits about what was possible. Wendy’s style is authentic and proactive and it is no surprise how extensive Wendy’s networks are within Australia and globally. I’m so full of gratitude to be mentored by Wendy and the results have gone beyond the Venture Dorm program to my life in general, Dana.

Learned from the best! Jennifer

I want you to know how much I enjoyed learning with you in the areas of Human Resource Planning, Management and Development, Design and Implementation of Program and how proud I am to have been a small part in being able to apply those learning skills in my work place i.e. the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO). It warms my heart to know that what I have learnt from you over the past few weeks in the year 2016 has gone all over tour operation businesses in Bhutan and hopefully brings many positive changes and innovation in the Bhutanese tour and travel companies in future (refer: For me, this is the best achievement, achieved because of your outstanding professional expertise, training and grooming skills, which remain in my heart always and be one of the highlights of my 14 years of services with ABTO. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. With Warm Regards, Tek.

For me you’re a great mentor, humble, open minded, innovative and caring. I got so many insight for making more impactful to Indonesia and the world. Thank you so much Wendy. Regards, Harland.

It’s my pleasure to write this: “The first time I met Wendy at Australia Awards, I knew she is going to enrich me with tons of applicable knowledge. And yes, she is a great mentor who always ensures real progress. I enjoy working with her a lot also as my client, she puts 100% into details and is really smart. She is the person who you need to contact if you demand a real applicable coaching program!” Lita –, Best Regards, Lita.

“Wendy is the kind of person who brings all the positive energy towards the business environment she’s involved in. Her teaching about pursuing opportunities through networking is a value which I will always remember – Keep hustling and stay humble is now also my motto”, Grahadea.

“I worked with Wendy within international context delivering a short courses on technology enabled start-up. I found her to be prudent, responsible and proactive to her duties and towards all stakeholders. Working with her in couple of projects was a thrilling experience. Her depth knowledge was very helpful in designing the program to meeting two different cohorts’ expectation, her leadership style was impressive and has led the group to success on various platforms. The best thing about Wendy is her dedication to her work, she has given her 110% to the project, I’ve personally learnt a lot from Wendy including problem solving skills and crisis management”, Hanum.

“I met Wendy in Adelaide, Australia when I and a group of other Maldivians visited Australia to complete an Australia Awards Fellowship from November – December, 2016 at QUT. She, as the Managing Director of Workforce BluePrint, managed our fellowship sessions and activities very well whilst we were in Adelaide. I was amazed to see her connections with other people and companies. She is very professional and efficient in her area and she has the ability to make others feel at ease in different situations; whether it is a classroom session, networking session, site seeing or study tour. I look forward to meeting her and working with her once again in future engagements”, Hannan.

You are really a great mentor, a very humble person that I’ve felt comfortable to work with you since our first meeting. And then, the way you train us as your trainee is also amazing. You always helping us and inspire us to find solution for problems. You always take care on the detail and make sure that we understand. And last but not least, I really love how you maintain the communication and stay keep in touch with us. So always like to say that you are a fantastic mentor! It is our best luck to have you as our mentor, Aditya.

Investment: $330.00 incl GST/hour

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Please feel free to reach out and get in touch to explore what support you might need for your plan or project – you are welcome to join the Australian VET LeadersFuture of Jobs, Skills and Work, and IVETA LinkedIn groups plus connect with Wendy Perry on LinkedIn.

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