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Product Description

Do you need to fix your Human Resources (HR) infrastructure and/or undertake a Skills Audit?

You can get help your business with the following:

  1. Employee files
  2. Employee contracts
  3.  Job descriptions
  4. Interviews with staff including management
  5. Employee performance review system
  6. Benchmarking of salaries for management team
  7. Skills audit
  8. Social media review
  9. Workforce planning

In terms of outcomes and outputs this can include:

  •  Review and recommendations for employee files
  • Review and recommendations for employee contracts
  • Skills based job descriptions that are validated by you
  • A simple employee performance review system with skills, values and targets as part of the process
  • A benchmarking report on management salaries
  • A skills audit including a report for each employee, group reports and an overarching report
  • A draft/final report including feedback from employees

Please contact Wendy Perry via or +61 416 150 491, thank you.

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Please feel free to reach out and get in touch to explore what support you might need for your plan or project – you are welcome to join the Australian VET LeadersFuture of Jobs, Skills and Work, and IVETA LinkedIn groups plus connect with Wendy Perry on LinkedIn.

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