Skills for All is Here

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South Australia’s Skills for All is Here

Watch the Hon Jay Weatherill’s and Hom Tom Kenyon’s sites for the latest news.

The media followed yesterday’s story Hundreds of TAFE courses to be free leading you to

So let’s start with the Eligibility Check (which took more than 1 minute) revealing the following:


You are eligible for a funded training opportunity in:

  • one funded course at Certificate I to Advanced Diploma
  • an unlimited number of funded priority courses
  • one funded skill set per annum

The next step is Searching for a training course which means you must know what you are looking for with the following results:

  • all qualifications, all industries returns 1648 matching courses Skills for All funded
  • fee free offers 388 courses
  • priority courses highlights 47 matching courses
  • TAFESA only = 189 courses or 11.5% of Skills for All funded courses

Then to ‘find a training provider’.  In today’s search 41 Registered Training Organisations are listed as Skills for All providers – congratulations to you!

How much does training cost ?  Well nothing for:

  • nationally recognised certificate I and II level courses
  • accredited courses to improve reading, writing, numbers and computer skills
  • courses determined to be priorities for the State

For Certificate III – Advanced Diploma qualifications or the skill set it’s a question for the Skills for All Training Provider so ask for their fee policies.

How to enrol has 4 steps:

  • Choose a career and the qualification needed
  • Search for a course and Choose a Skills for All Training Provider using the search tools
  • Visit or contact the Skills for All Training Provider to discuss your learning needs and eligibility for the course
  • Apply to enrol at your Skills for All Training Provider

The way these steps are described needs to be customised.  For example, choose a career for people upskilling and broadening their skills doesn’t fit and in those 3 words such a big decision is implied for school leavers or those people re-entering the workforce.

Searching for a course means you must know what you are looking for and then the Skills for All Provider needs to gear up very quickly to take the enquiries.  Incorporating career advice is an important component of the overall program (with 32 industries to search across) as well as phone, email, web and Skills for All on Facebook.

Look out for the next blog on the customer contact experience with Skills for All and potential Skills for All Training Providers – please post comments on your experience too.

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