Skills for All – No New Enrolments

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No New Enrolment (NNE) announcements for South Australia’s Skills for All are becoming more frequent.  The latest Funded Training List (FTL) v7.0 identifies 63 courses subject to NNE as of 10.10.13.

These qualifications are across Automotive, Business, HR, Community Services and Aged Care, Retail Baking and Food Processing, Engineering and Process Manufacturing, Beauty, Retail, Pharmacy, Kitchen Operations, Hospitality, Driving and Warehouse Operations.

Another list indicates ‘permanent removal’ of qualifications particularly across Certificate I and II levels.NNE

The Skills for All consultation report related to version 7 of the Funded Training List (that is 7 versions in 14 months) focuses mostly on these qualifications aiming to identify those that “…lead either to an employment outcome or transition to a higher qualification.”  34 courses are considered below the industry entry level and so will be removed.

Some are getting to the point of asking, “…well what’s still funded?” and saying that the FTL table looks like a fill in the blanks activity.  There are around 1000 subsidised courses available from about 200 training providers; however the question of identifying workforce demand and reflecting this in the Funded Training List goes unanswered in my view.

Perhaps parts Victoria approach to identifying workforce demand could be modified to suit South Australia?  Read the Refocussing Vocational Training in Victoria – comparison with Skills for All blog post for further insights.

Written by Wendy Perry, VET Specialist, WPAA, 11 September 2013.

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