Top tips for your first full time job

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Where do you look for your first full time job?  It can seem daunting and hard to get started so here are 6 steps.

First of all brainstorm the type of job you’d like, the industry and the type of company you want to work for.  Think about the hours, environment and location you would like to work in.  Have a short plan on what you are going to do to get the result of winning that first job.

Secondly do some research to develop your database of potential employers via the internet (Google, Facebook, industry/professional associations and company websites), local phone book, papers and family/friends networks.

Thirdly understand the best way to approach your database – does the company specify inquiries and applications via the web only, via email, only in response to an advertisement, or do they welcome direct contact via phone or face to face.  Some employers think that by calling in to their business you are showing initiative and they get to meet you but for others it’s probably not appropriate.

The fourth step is to change your introductory letter/email and resume to suit the company – use the same key words that they do on their website or in company documents and try to match your experience to their jobs.  Ask for help from family members, friends and other people you know in business – many people are very well networked and happy to help you out.  Check if you need any licences or minimum training for example to work in the building and construction industry you’ll need a white card and to work in a hotel, you’ll need responsible service of alcohol.

Fifth be aware of the different ways that you could be employed by a company including Australian Apprenticeships and federal or state/territory government initiatives and use this to your advantage by including information in your pitch to potential employers.  Also be aware that potential employers may use the internet to search on your name so check what’s out there about you and think about how things like your Facebook status updates, posts and photos could be seen.

Finally, keep going with your plan as sometimes it can take a little while, change things if they aren’t working for you and above all ask for help with your search.

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