Total VET Activity Reporting started 1.1.14

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Late last year I hosted the VET Activity Reporting webinars which was a pleasant and smooth experience – a big success.  Thanks go to Kelly from the Department of Industry for liaising so closely with us, to Scott and Jess from our team who provided technical support and managed the 100’s of questions that people posted in the webinar.

I’ve had lots of feedback, questions that I’ve referred onto the national email address and many people (thousands) have hit the website to download the presentations and recordings.  Here’s a link in case you would like to share the information with your colleagues:

We’ve hosted webinars for the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, DFEEST on Skills for All, and this VET Activity Reporting series so when you ‘d like a host for your own webinar or series, please get in touch.

A theme in the questions and feedback is one of checking on the basics and then applying this to an RTO’s specific circumstance, funding contracts and requirements.  So I asked the presenters the following question:

What data will you accept, how often do you want, how should it be uploaded (in what format and via what process) and what are the due dates?

From NCVER and the South Australian government I got immediate responses and as I hear from all states and territories I’ll update this blog.

TVA reporting blog

NCVER will accept all data from the State Training Authorities (STA) and any Fee-for-service data directly from RTOs.  We will not accept publically funded training from RTOs, this needs to come through the State Training Authorities.

Advice to RTOs would be to contact their STA in the first instance.  See bottom of the page on the following link:

Anyone submitting data to NCVER will need to register to use our AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS).  See link for registration form on the AVS page:

Data for 2014 training activity must be AVETMISS R7.0 compliant, and data submitters must extract the appropriate NAT files and run them through the validation software and then submit the data through AVS.

For 2014 training activity, submissions are due to NCVER by the end February 2015.

NCVER has also released a Data entry tool which can be used to enter student information (for up to 100 students), which then creates the NAT files which can then be run through AVS.

More information on AVETMISS and VET data reporting can be found on the NCVER website at:

The link to the validation software is at:

The link to the data entry tool is at:

And the Client services team can be contacted via our contact form or call 1800 649 452.

Here’s the reply from SA:

To answer your question we are happy to accept all data presented to our system STELA.  We will accept all government funded and fee for service activity and if small RTOs want to send their interstate data we will pass that on to NCVER as well.  In STELA RTOs can either data entry if they don’t have their own system or upload the AVETMISS NAT files as long as they are error free, they must be validated first and all errors corrected.  We have a helpdesk that will provide any help over the phone, the number is 08 8226 3050 or email

We require RTOs to report to us quarterly unless they have Skills for All funding and require payment, then they report fortnightly. If an RTO is reporting quarterly the dates are:

Quarter 1                     25/04/2014

Quarter 2                     18/07/2014

Quarter 3                     10/10/2014

Quarter 4 (EOY)           30/01/2015

All information about STELA or our requirements can be found on and we will put your website there as well for people to access the webinars.  Thanks again for your assistance on getting the message out to RTOS.

Thank you to colleagues from NCVER and DFEEST for providing this information.

Useful Links:

Department of Industry:

National Skills Standards Council:

NCVER Client Services:

Australian Skills Quality Authority:

Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority:

WA Training Accreditation Council:

Check for the most current information and if you have any questions, please contact the Skilling Australia Information Line 13 38 73 or email via

Written by Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint and VET Strategist, WPAA, 9 January 2014.

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