VET in School gets you ahead

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Vocational Education and Training (VET) is tertiary education which offers training and development in technical skills and job related skills.IMG_9268

VET is run, supported and managed by a collaboration of individuals and organisations.  These VET authorities work to keep competencies and qualifications relevant and to provide an opportunity for young people to get ahead in their career.

VET is a great avenue for any young person looking to develop work based skills, and in this blog we will go through some examples and benefits of VET in schools.

Participating in VET in School

Participating in VET can be a huge building block for a young person in school.  At an age where they might feel unsure or uneasy about their future, it’s vital that they feel like they will be supported and are encouraged to carve out a desirable career.

VET can assist a young person’s transition into the workforce and higher education by providing them pathways.  Helping a young person progress into a higher level of education is a benefit for not only the person but also a workforce that is constantly seeking enhanced skills.

Taking part in a VET program can also build a young person’s confidence, help them gain a familiarity in a workplace and develop foundation and technical skills which will assist them in the future.

The importance of VET in school

Schools generally understand the importance of VET programs.  VET assists schools in helping a young person to develop themselves and prepare them for the workforce, which should be the ideology of schooling.

VET is a great idea for students in school because it provides a flexible learning experience.  Training is often provided on a particular day of the week, usually in the morning or afternoon but for other training programs it might run for a whole day. Training is run from the preferred Registered Training Organisation (RTO), training venues or inside a school or workplace.

A young person can access VET through a School Based Apprenticeship and many VET courses can also be offered online.  If an individual is considering entering a VET program, they should definitely contact a course counsellor or apprenticeship broker and arrange a meeting to discuss the options they have, what they will achieve from the program and what is best for them.

Why VET in school is important to me

I see that the ideology of schooling is where education, development and training is provided to anyone who seeks to move forward as a human being.  VET is as vital to this ideology as pen is to paper.  VET assists a student in progressing forward and preparing them for the workforce by providing them with training, support and experience.  Also offered to students is a look at a career they might want to pursue, giving them a platform to reflect on their future and make decisions that suit them.

By Glenn Tarawa, March 2015

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