Welcoming Bhutanese Leaders to Adelaide: An Exciting Exchange of Ideas and Learning

Very happy to announce that two distinguished delegations of top leaders will be hosted from Bhutan in Adelaide, South Australia.

Bhutan is renowned for its unique approach to development, prioritising Gross National Happiness (GNH) over GDP, maintaining carbon neutrality, and fostering a culture of kindness and compassion.  This program promises to be a rich exchange of knowledge, culture, and innovative practices, focusing on Vocational Education and Training (VET), workforce development, social inclusion, and much more.

Here’s a sneak peek into the action-packed schedule!

Saturday, 13 July & Saturday, 3 August: Arrival and Familiarisation

Guests will arrive in Adelaide, greeted by the local coordinator at the airport. After checking into their hotel, they will spend the day familiarising themselves with the beautiful city of Adelaide.

Sunday, 14 July & Sunday, 4 August: Exploring Adelaide Hills

Kicking off with a visit to the Adelaide Hills, exploring a wildlife parks and Australian animals.  After enjoying a delightful lunch in the Adelaide Hills, the delegation will do some shopping before returning to the hotel.

Monday, 15 July & Monday, 5 August: Welcome and Key Discussions

Morning Session:

Welcome Presentation: An overview of the Adelaide program and a recap of key learnings from the previous week.

Guest Panel Discussion: An insightful discussion on South Australia's demand-driven VET/TVET system, addressing skills shortages and training needs with experts like Cameron Baker and Robyn Verrall.

Afternoon Session:

Guest Panel Discussion: Exploring the importance of social inclusion, disability, and female participation, featuring speakers from Women in the West, Women in Innovation, and Reconciliation SA.

Workshop: A case study from Ironwood Institute on industry engagement with University partnerships, focusing on agriculture and horticulture.

Tuesday, 16 July & Tuesday, 6 August: Building on Learnings

Morning Session:

Workshop: Reflecting on Monday's sessions and building on the key messages for Return to Work (RTW) plans.

Presentation: Strategies for enhancing the learning environment and developing the capacity of TVET teaching staff, VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year SA Winner.

Afternoon Session:

Presentation: An overview of Australia's workforce policies, programs, and initiatives by the Australian Government.

Workshop: A comparative discussion on workforce development in Australia and Bhutan, identifying practices that could be applied in Bhutan, especially in line with Bhutan's emphasis on GNH and sustainable development.

Wednesday, 17 July & Wednesday, 7 August: Job Creation and Training Excellence

Morning Session:

Presentation: Understanding what drives job creation in South Australia and addressing labour and skills shortages, presented by Employment Facilitators.

Workshop: Exploring partnerships and collaboration in SA, featuring the Tonsley Innovation District and New Venture Institute.

Afternoon Session:

Workshop: Excellence in Training Delivery at Quality College of Australia, focusing on social inclusion, disability inclusion, gender equity, and innovative teaching methods.

Tour: A tour of the Quality College of Australia facilities, continuing the workshop on training excellence.

Thursday, 18 July & Thursday, 8 August: Pitching for Success

Morning Session:

Workshop: Consolidating achievements and RTW plans.

Presentation: Techniques for presenting and pitching success, building trust and rapport, and thinking outside the box.

Afternoon Session:

Workshop: Practicing pitches and networking in preparation for the evening event.

Evening Event:

Networking Events: Engaging with local Australia Awards alumni, institutions, businesses, and industry peak bodies in SA. Delegates will have the opportunity to use their elevator pitches to make industry contacts and inform their RTW plans.

Friday, 19 July & Friday, 9 August: Program Wrap-Up

Morning Session:

Workshop: Discussing key takeaway messages from the program and identifying further topics for coaching sessions.

Evaluation Session: Evaluation and closing remarks via Zoom.

Afternoon Session: Farewell Lunch: A celebration in Adelaide, followed by preparations for departure.

Saturday, 20 July & Saturday, 10 August: Departure

This program is a fantastic opportunity for Bhutanese guests to gain insights into South Australia's innovative approaches to VET, workforce development, and social inclusion.  It also offers a platform for mutual learning and strengthening the bonds between our two countries.  Bhutan's commitment to Gross National Happiness (GNH), environmental sustainability, and a culture of kindness will inspire and enrich everyone that they meet.

We are looking forward to an enriching experience and the valuable insights that will be shared, plus meeting new Australian and Bhutanese friends.

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