Workforce BluePrint Episode 3 Annual wrap up – prequel

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Approaching the end of this financial year provides a chance to reflect on areas identified early in 2012 – a prequel to episode 1 and a sequel to episode 2 including What’s hot in Workforce Development and Planning and What’s hot in VET.  It seems a tipping point has been reached with an ever increasing interest in workforce development and planning with the opportunity to Maximise Your Workforce Productivity = Capability x Capacity + Contribution.

Skills for All Australians, national VET reform and budget Information on Australian Apprenticeships, Budget 2012-13, Skills for All Australians, User Choice and WELL and User Choice.

VET Workforce Australian VET Leaders group on LinkedIn reached 2000+ members and a presentation on VET Workforce – Recruiting and Retaining highlighted the VET and Employment Services sector as the next industry to be impacted by labour market adjustment.

Work Life Balance and Mini Breaks Port Elliot Day Spa, Normanville, Sea and Vines Festival in McLaren Vale and Cairns – steamy weather, adventure filled and stunning looking.

Workforce BluePrint’s Office Locations

If you are in Adelaide and near the city, Workforce BluePrint has an office at Level 1, 218 Glen Osmond Road as well as Happy Valley.

Workforce Projects

It’s been a very busy season; here are a couple of projects we’ve been working on:

  • Capability framework for a large energy company
  • Workforce plans for Local Government in New South Wales and South Australia
  • Workforce plans for large organisations in agriculture and defence, including researching the impact of the mining boom
  • Workforce plans for TAFE Institutes and Registered Training Organisations
  • National workshops on Applying for Grants and Funding, VET Validation for ACPET
  • NBN e-learning projects
  • Skills for All and Training Awards applications
  • Retention cost calculator and national staff development policy for a large health provider
  • Training needs analysis and skills profiling for individuals, enterprises and industry sectors
  • VET reform and future forecasting
  • Plus loads of workshops and online sessions on all sorts of topics!

Talk to us about your project and remember Workforce BluePrint’s Workforce Plan Tool will be launched soon and if you are interested in taking a look please let us know via and join Workforce Planning Tools group on LinkedIn.

Written by Wendy Perry, 27.6.12

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