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Hi there

Inspiring conversations (video from Adelaide Hills) locally and globally, learning about the work that you are doing whether it is at a conference, event, meeting or online, and the purpose of this email is to extend an Expression of Interest (EoI) to you.

STEM in Education

This EoI is three-fold with a local and global context.
Do you have experiences that could link with the 21st Century Capabilities Framework, for example, new discovery technologies like Virtual Reality, wellbeing, entrepreneurship and STEM in education?

And/or you might have workforce solutions that could be products, programs, tools, resources and services?

Finally, we are seeking potential partners with aligned values and goals, to facilitate the programs run by Career BluePrint and Workforce BluePrint.

Also included in this email is links to the latest blogs and an invitation to get involved in the upcoming Real Day Out – look forward to hearing from you.

PS. Applications close on Friday 11 August 2017 for the Connected YOUth – Be A Job Maker Program in Whyalla, South Australia.  If you know of anyone aged 16-24 years in the region then please encourage them to apply for this free part-time program valued at $1667.

Expressions of Interest

#1 Experiences that you may facilitate that help to build 21st Century Capabilities including:

  1. Adaptability and Emotional Management
  2. Communication and Influence
  3. Digital and Social
  4. Cultural and Global
  5. Purpose and Vision
  6. Learning and Mastery
  7. Intelligence and Imagination
  8. 21st Century STEM and Entrepreneurship
  9. Career and Workforce

#2 In relation to the workforce more broadly, aside from accredited training (as we can easily find that), what solutions to you have that relate to workforce needs?

#3 Potential partners are invited to express interest in:

  1. The 21st Century Capability and Careers Program, across Australia and internationally, for primary school, high school, VET/TVET and Higher Education students, and youth. This program includes Industry Connect, Futures Week, Real Day Outs and Workshops with parents, teachers and students.
  2. ‘Be Somebody’ – Anything is Possible! is a new initiative that explores entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and social innovation so we are keen to hear from potential facilitators and partners.

Please complete the Expression of Interest form here.

Real Day Out 2017

Seeking business challenges and real world problems to be solved by bright, savvy high school students on 21 September 2017 in Adelaide, Northern Adelaide, Thebarton and Tonsley for Real Day Out 2017 Read more here>

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