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A theme is playing out at the moment setting the tone into 2018 of the ‘Workforce of the Future’ which naturally requires partnerships, cooperation and a scaled up vision.

This was clear at the Indonesia Australia Business Summit 2017 in Adelaide yesterday where the focus was ‘Partnership at our Doorstep’ with opportunities across Tourism, Vocational Education and Training, Agriculture, Health and Sustainable City, Energy and Resources.

On Vocational Education and Training (VET), Jess was involved in the new VET Alumni program in Canberra over Sunday – Monday as she became an Australian Apprentice Ambassador after completing her school based apprenticeship in business and establishing Career BluePrint. Some of you may have bumped into her!

Last week, team members visited SproutX in Melbourne – the home of Australian AgTech, and tomorrow we’ll be visiting the University of New England’s Smart Farm in Armidale. You may be wondering why agtech and smart farming but the reason is that there are many future jobs in agriculture, horticulture and irrigation. This is something to explore, alongside tourism, food and wine, for a number of regions across Australia as well as in other countries.

As you read on you’ll see information on regional workforce development and planning, international opportunities, impact of the NDIS on the workforce, grants, programs including Australia Awards, and professional development.

Address regional workforce issues to get significant regional investment and jobs

Economic development plays an important role in any region’s economy.

There are 7 key outcomes that apply to most regions but Read more here>

Bigger international TVET and VET opportunities

The plan to expand internationally or move into new regions and countries has probably been on your to do list for a little while now. Read more here>

Disability Sector Workforce for NDIS

The NDIS is set to reshape Australia’s disability sector, by ensuring people get the support they need and its growth represents new opportunities and jobs across Australia. Consider what the disability sector might look like in 5 years’ time and the position locally, nationally and globally. Read more here>

Enabling Growth and Innovation Grant – applications open

The 2017-18 program guidelines provide full details on organisation and project eligibility requirements. But what type of activities and projects could you run?

Something that is noticeable is that international students have untapped capabilities, connections, experience, knowledge and networks. And on the other hand there are many businesses currently or wanting to export and develop international business links. Imagine how you could put this together and facilitate a stand out project.

Real Day Out, where international students solve export and international business problems, could result in uncovering multi million dollar opportunities and an introduction to an Arabian prince! Events are planned for Adelaide and Melbourne so if you’d like to be involved or to run a Real Day Out for your students then please contact us.

Future Jobs and 21st Century Capabilities

With an increasing number of media headlines on future jobs, taking a practical approach to developing capabilities through real world experiences and solving problems, helps people move from fear and uncertainty, to confidence and competence.

To be launched soon is the new Real World Problems online platform where you can post a problem from anywhere in the world to be solved by students and young people. Please preregister your interest via this form to be notified when this online, simple platform launches, connecting problems with primary and high schools, Vocational Education and Training/TVET or Higher Education institutions. In addition to the real world problem platform, subscribers will have access to a #futurejobs channel tracking announcements, developments, events, research and opportunities.

Innovation and creativity: skill strengths for NSW’s Northern Rivers

Northern Rivers is one the fastest growing region in NSW. With its world heritage sites, national parks, rainforests and coastline, its strength is in its diversity. It’s popular for innovative business opportunities, attracting creative people. Read more here>

International Business Readiness – A course of tech start-ups in agriculture, health, financial, education and business services

You can apply for Australia Awards Indonesia with applications closing 31 December 2017. Read more here>

USA State and Local Workforce Plans World-class Workforce Development Programs and Strategies bench marked with Australia

The USA has an impressive workforce development system with the structure of Legislation, State Workforce Development Boards, State Plans, Workforce Development Areas, Local Workforce Development Boards, and Local Plans.

The approach is somewhat in contrast to Australia where there is no legislation in place, Industry Peak Bodies or Regional Development Australia agencies may develop workforce plans but usually this is due to labour and skills shortages or economic growth strategies.

Building a business case for Australia and other countries in the Asia Pacific regions for a comprehensive workforce development system, underpinned by legislation and performance measures, is a big job. This extends to highlighting world-class workforce development programs and strategies of which you have many examples to share. So my request to you is could you please send via email your state and local workforce plans as well as links or information on successful workforce development activities and programs? I believe there are many areas that we are all aiming to address through workforce development and we can learn much from each other.

Workforce of the Future – Workforce 4.0 Masterclasses

The 1 day program can be delivered in capital city or regional locations as a collaborative event considering the impact of Industry 4.0 on the recruitment and training of staff. Participants will understand the landscape of disruption in their sector, identify opportunities and risks, and develop an action plan to address their key workforce issues. If you would like to co host a masterclass, perhaps alongside a Future Jobs session too then please reply via email.

Looking towards 2018, I invite you to develop your capabilities in workforce planning and development (an international skills shortage area), through the Global Workforce Architects Program, with registrations opening soon – keep an eye out for all the details.

Kind regards

Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce BluePrint

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