Workforce Training Innovation Fund – clever plus demand based for enterprises, industry sectors and regions

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Part of the bigger picture called Skills First, the Workforce Training Innovation Fund (WTIF) is a clever example of the Victorian government seeking industry demand based proposals.

Merging economic and workforce development, the WTIF addresses business challenges, ensuring skills match to improve productivity.


With a new level of open mindedness, there is flexibility in the approach, evidence collection, independent analysis and engagement to create realistic and pragmatic partnerships.

It is great to see that proposals can be linked to accredited or non-accredited training as more often than not the need is for non-accredited training, coaching, mentoring and immersive learning.

From the Workforce Training Innovation Fund guidelines,

The objectives of the WTIF are:

  • Improving the flexibility and responsiveness of the training and TAFE system in meeting industry skill-needs and business training requirements
  • Encouraging greater industry and employer partnerships with training providers and participation in workforce training and skill development
  • Contributing to broader economic productivity gains in future growth sectors, and/ or workforce skill improvements
  • Supporting industry or business productivity improvement through training and TAFE system involvement in industry-based applied research.

Grant funding is available across four interrelated categories:

  • Future growth sectors
  • Workforce training and skills development
  • New training programs and methods
  • Applied research.

This means that there is room for experimentation, working at the edge of emerging capabilities, immersive and inquiry based learning, the application of new discovery technologies and ‘real-world’ research.

In terms of funding amounts,

Grant proposals for a maximum of $5 million will be accepted for consideration.

Funds will be available proportional to the scale of the project.

Seed funding is also available to support development of WTIF grant funding proposals.  This funding may be used for activities such as scoping studies, research, consultancy and workshops.

A separate application process applies to requests for seed funding. Seed funding applications for a maximum of $50 000 will be accepted for consideration.

To be eligible for facilitation support and seed funding a partnership does not have to be established at the point of application.

A partnership needs to be established before a grant funding proposal can be submitted.

Outcomes for WTIF include:

  • the training and TAFE system delivers high-quality skills training that is relevant and responsive to evolving industry needs and business training requirements
  • partnerships between training providers and industry or employers are strengthened
  • workforces are equipped with the skills needed for identified future growth sectors and new and emerging industries
  • industry and/ or business productivity is improved through training and TAFE system involvement in industry-based applied research.

Current priority sectors include:

  • Food and Fibre
  • Defence Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Transport Technology
  • International Education
  • Professional Services
  • New Energy Technology
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • ICT
  • Logistics

Review the Workforce Training Innovation Fund guidelines, Seed Funding Application and the Grant Funding Proposal form.

If you’d like some assistance with a seed funding application collating the evidence of workforce issues and gaps, or you want to incorporate innovative methodologies and approaches that support entrepreneurship, export, growth, productivity, training needs analysis and youth engagement, please contact Wendy Perry at Workforce BluePrint via or 0416 150 491, thank you.

February 2017

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