Addressing current and future workforce challenges is critical for your goals.  Are you ready to discuss potential solutions or develop a strategic workforce plan?

Experiencing workforce gaps or Battling labour shortages?

You may be watching your own organisation, industry sectors or regions contracting or expanding?

Workforce patterns are shifting, strategies that once held firm are not working any longer, and the predictability of labour markets and trend forecasting has disappeared.

You've observed it: some businesses and sectors grappling with a dwindling demand while others are bursting at the seams, unable to fulfill the unexpected surge in requirements, especially where they want to grow and expand.

The evolving world of work doesn’t come without its complexities and the most complex thing to do is to make it simple.  Do it differently, moving beyond rhetoric and theory, or stating the obvious, into addressing gaps and issues practically, with a focus on implementation.

Accelerate growth, foster collaboration, reach your business goals and create value in the marketplace where you live and work, through strategic workforce planning and development, acting on the evidence and gaps you know about now and into the future.

TAKE ACTION Workforce Planning Checklist

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Perhaps the “How To” of Strategic Workforce Planning is challenging?

In the face of uncharted territories of global labour and skills dynamics, certainty becomes the rarest, yet most sought-after commodity.  Resilience and flexibility have never been more pivotal.  You find yourself recalibrating strategies, redefining roles, and reimaging the future of work amidst a sea of volatility.

Evidence based information and insights on matching current and future workforce needs, and/or learning more about the 'how to' of strategic workforce planning and development is now more than ever before a critical capability for leaders and practitioners at this time.

With a head office in Adelaide, South Australia, Workforce BluePrint has clients across all Australian states and territories, and global connections in Africa, Bhutan, Ecuador, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and the USA, helping you to design a strategic workforce plan, workforce development program or project.

If you’d like to discuss a workforce plan or project, whether that is for a team or organisation, industry sector or supply chain, city/town, region or country, please reach out and book a free 15 minute chat, to talk through what might work for your outcomes and your stakeholders.

Areas of specialisation and expertise


Workforce Planning and

Capability and professional development includes in-country and Australian based conferences, projects and programs in apprenticeships,


Vocational Education and

Action research and change management; Business analysis and program design; Facilitation and professional development; iv. Reform,


Entrepreneurship and

Coaching and mentoring; Future of jobs, skills and work; Immersive experiences; New discovery technologies; 21st Century Capabilities


Please feel free to reach out and get in touch to explore what support you might need for your plan or project - you are welcome to join the Australian VET Leaders, Future of Jobs, Skills and Work, and IVETA LinkedIn groups plus connect with Wendy Perry on LinkedIn.

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Wendy and Jodie


A practical approach, working with startups, scaleups and entrepreneurs facilitated through coaching and mentoring in many aspects of running a business as well as leveraging connections.

Working alongside Startups & Side Hustles, those who are Self Employed & Sub Contractors, Small Businesses, Scaleups and Standouts.  Read more about Switch Start Scale if you want to take your business or idea to the next level.

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