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As VET/TVET (Technical Vocational Education Training) Experts and Strategists, Workforce BluePrint provides the following services:

As VET/TVET (Technical Vocational Education Training) Experts and Strategists, Workforce BluePrint provides the following services:

Action Research, Analysis and Change Management

Extensive experience in undertaking research and analysis including:

  • Business case and survey development
  • Funding and grant application writing and review
  • Statistical data, skills profiles and qualitative evidence
  • Engagement and stakeholder management
  • Scenario and workforce planning
  • Strategy and policy issues in VET, employment participation, workforce planning and development, National, State and Territory directions
  • Recommendations and advice to inform decision making, policy making, program design, and action plans.

Business Analysis and Program Design

Measuring the inputs and outputs of your VET products and services - including qualifications, short courses, skills recognition and fee for service/commercial activity in order to identify the true costs and outcomes.  Analysing and identifying key areas for improvement, efficiency and opportunities in a contestable VET funding market, the VET insight service provides intelligence with practical recommendations.

Facilitation and Professional Development

Team of expert facilitators who are able to draw upon a body of research, knowledge and international experience. Presenting at conferences and professional development days, running workshops, facilitating networks, communities of practice, focus groups and strategic planning activities, feedback is consistently great. The professional development topics focus on policy and reform in VET, the VET system, partnership models, validation and moderation, funding, leadership, skills recognition (RPL), engaging with employers and industry, workplace delivery and assessment, business development, marketing and entrepreneurship.


Reform, policy and funding advice

A wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to support education leaders with planning and product development in light of reform, policy and funding analysis, program design, marketing, people management, networking and relationship management.

With so much changing in the education, VET/TVET environments, this insight service enables you to leverage deep knowledge of the industry and key contacts.

This service covers:

  • Employer and industry engagement/partnerships
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Funding - national, states and territories, international
  • Higher Education reform and relationships
  • Ministerial announcements - national, states and territories
  • Off shore capability development
  • Policy decisions and releases
  • Schools connections and programs
  • State and Territory government policy and programs
  • Tender and grant opportunities
  • TVET International
  • VET data/statistics and analysis, application and interpretation
  • VET reform
  • xAPI and immersive learning experiences

Tailoring the approach to suit your organisation, context and desired outcomes, and enhanced by applying AI tools.

Products and services

Products and services are provided in workforce planning, capability development and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)/VET for international clients, governments and projects including:

  • Advisory and consultancy services - professional development, short course programs, study tours and fellowships.
  • Analysis of training needs - provision of short courses and custom designed training programs aligned with international best practice TVET delivery.
  • Conference key notes and presentations
  • Curriculum research, development and evaluation - design, development and provision of education and training curriculum and learning materials; development of high quality competency based curricula to meet the needs of industry and the community; quantitative and qualitative program evaluation.
  • Delegation hosting and tours of Australian best practice including entrepreneurship, industry development, job creation, youth engagement, workforce planning and development in action.
  • Educational strategies and frameworks - planning, design and coordination of the development of Vocational Education and Training delivery models in line with government, industry and community priorities; training needs analysis, strategic planning and advice to institutes, national industry skills councils and government agencies.
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and industry development, building global connections and partnerships.
  • Product development - capability frameworks and training needs analysis; provision of workplace assessment and training.

Interested in going global?

Expanding internationally may have been in you plan for a number of years now, emerging as an opportunity to grow and diversify. You may be keen to gain insight into potential opportunities by conducting action research and analysing information and evidence.

  • Considering international opportunities including strategic links to UN Sustainable Development Goals, regions/countries goals and identify hot spots of possible market demand;
  • Scoping out potential products and changes that may need to be made for different TVET systems and countries;
  • Ensuring online presence including social media and all marketing materials include necessary information and appeal to a global audience; 
  • Validating existing products and prioritise new product development matched to international demand.
  • Desk top review covering specific regions and countries, existing evidence, customer info, marketing, website, social media.
  • External scan for learning and development opportunities internationally.
  • Product review and identification of specific products that fit relevant markets considering resources
  • Sharing of research and recommendations - validation with your team.
  • Draft recommendations, presentation and action plan, feedback and finalisation of outputs.
  • Eastern and Western Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Latin America and Caribbean
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • South Asia
  • East Asia and the Pacific
  • Europe
  • North America
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