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Product Description

Webinars, online and virtual events include:

21.5.20 at 7.00 pm Design Inspiration for your Space Webinar with Andrew Eden:

13.5.20 at 1.00 pm Businesses Ramping Up and Pivoting Positively Webinar #2:

12.5.20 at 7.00 pm How to Start a Side Hustle in a Day and Keep it Going Webinar:

7.5.20 at 9.30 am Rediscovering Growth, Opportunity & Future When Volatility is New Normal:

6.5.20 at 12.30 pm How to Pitch in Conversation, Online and via Video Webinar:

5.5.20 at 12.30 pm How to Rank Higher in Google Searches Using SEO, Gain Traffic & Visibility:

4.5.20 at 7.30 pm How to Declutter Making Time and Space for Living Webinar:

1.5.20 at 11.0o am How to Reboot your Thinking – Q and A with Nick Bowditch and Wendy Perry:

28.4.20 at 7.00 pm How to Get Clients Without Leaving your House with Andy Harrington:

24.4.20 at 2.30 pm How to Maximise Facebook for Business – Groups Lives Pages Reviews Video:

22.4.20 at 7.00 pm How to Deal with Difficult Circumstances, Conversations and People:

14.4.20 at 11.00 am Virtual Coffee Meeting – Brainstorming on your Business:

9.4.20 at 4.00 pm How to keep your people employed and supported plus HR connection time:

8.4.20 at 1.30 pm How to Get the Winning Edge on that Job Virtually Webinar:

7.4.20 at 12.30 pm How to get Bookings, Leads and Sales Using a Chatbot Webinar:

3.4.20 at 11.30 am Grants and Funding Opportunities Webinar:

2.4.20 at 7.00 pm Businesses Ramping Up and Pivoting Positively Webinar #1:

31.3.20 at 11.00 am How to Use MailChimp Effectively Webinar:

30.3.20 at 12.00 pm How to Get Customers Now Webinar – Q & A with Justin Herald & Wendy Perry:

27.3.20 at 11.00 am How to Set Up a WooCommerce Shop for your WordPress Website:

25.3.20 at 1.30 pm How to Take your Programs and Services Online Now Using Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams:

24.3.20 at 7.00 pm How to Build Your Network and Profile on LinkedIn:

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Please feel free to reach out and get in touch to explore what support you might need for your plan or project – you are welcome to join the Australian VET LeadersFuture of Jobs, Skills and Work, and IVETA LinkedIn groups plus connect with Wendy Perry on LinkedIn.

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