South Aussies Scaling Up to the World on the Australia House @ SXSW 2024 Stage

A Fusion of Innovation and Collaboration at Australia House

On a sunny afternoon on the 13th of March, 2024 in, the vibrant backyard stage of Australia House in Austin, Texas, buzzed with a unique blend of anticipation and excitement. The event, titled "South Aussies Scaling Up to the World - Side Hustle & Startup to Scaleup & Standout + Sister Cities," presented by Workforce BluePrint and supported by the Government of South Australia, was not just another gathering. It was a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the spirit of South Australian entrepreneurs and innovators looking to make their mark on the global stage.  Watch this video.

Bridging Continents and Cultures

Amidst the atmosphere of SXSW, the event highlighted forward-thinking individuals and organisations from South Australia and sister city connections. The focus was on the possibilities unlocked through scaling up and the transformative impact of innovation across various sectors, including technology, education, food and beverages, and more.

The discussions delved into how sister city relationships, a testament to Adelaide's global outreach, could be harnessed to forge new opportunities in the USA via Austin, Texas.

A Melting Pot of Ideas and Opportunities

With the backdrop of Australia House, guests networked with industry leaders, government officials, and trailblazers. This gathering was not just about networking; it was about building lasting relationships, exchanging global trends, and initiating collaborative projects.

Regina Johnson | Deputy Director, Americas (Houston), South Australia Department for Trade and Investment (DTI), Australian Consulate-General, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (AUSTRADE) welcomed guests to the events and spoke about endless possibilities for business.

The panel speakers, including Wendy Perry of Workforce BluePrint, Aditi Joshi from Austin Sister Cities International, Tim Stollznow of MyVenue, and Gareth Lewis of General Admission Entertainment, provided invaluable insights into scaling up and leveraging international relationships.

Outcome-Oriented Objectives

The event was a catalyst for:

  • Networking Opportunities: Opening doors to build valuable connections and partnerships.
  • Insights into Global Trends: Shedding light on global movements in technology, defence, education, and creative sectors.
  • Collaborative Projects: Encouraging initiatives across varied sectors, emphasising the AUKUS partnership.
  • Cultural and Educational Exchange: Enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation between Adelaide and its sister cities.
  • Showcasing South Australia: Promoting the region as a hub of innovation and collaboration on the global stage.
  • Bespoke Matching and Meetings: Fostering more focused and beneficial interactions among guests.
  • Leveraging Sister City Relationships: Exploring mutual benefits of international partnerships.
  • Enhancing Trade and Investment Opportunities: Offering a platform for stakeholders and sponsors to boost trade and investment.
  • Brand Visibility and Promotion: Providing significant visibility for sponsors among a diverse audience.
  • Fostering Cross-Border Partnerships: Encouraging innovative relationships and joint ventures.

A Glimpse into the Future

Innovative showcases, such as Denham from Deep Liquid's AI bar where attendees matched gelati flavors (Gelato Paradiso) with Aussie beers brewed in partnership with Oddwood Brewing plus Holdout Brewing, and Hidden Sea Wines' initiative to remove plastic from the sea, exemplified the spirit of innovation, alongside non-alcoholic spirits with Lyres.

Wendy Perry's discussions on the longstanding Adelaide-Austin sister city relationship and the introduction of the Global Launch report underscored the depth of connections and potential for growth.

The "South Aussies Scaling Up to the World" event was more than a meeting of minds; it was a celebration of the potential that lies in collaboration, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit of South Australians.  Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, Scott Perry's exceptional skills as MC and the captivating performance by Emily Barker wooed the crowd, rounding off an event that was truly memorable for all present.

Check out the official photos and Wendy's pics here.

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