Take your Course, Webinar &/or Workshop & Turn it into a Microcredential

You may have come across Microcredentials and wondered what is this approach all about.

Imagine being to take learning in any and all it’s forms, having it recognised, even non-accredited and informal learning, in a way that clients, customers and students can describe the outcomes, and possibly articulate into formal learning.

Not a new trend, but one that is front of mind globally for people who are seeking a current, contemporary way of developing skills and capabilities, as well as sharing your knowledge through teaching, tutoring, learning and assessment.

If you are a Switch Start Scale client, please email admin@switchstartscale.com.au for a discount code, and where you may be a Sea to Valley Startups client, please email admin@seatovalleystartups.com.au.

Facilitated by Wendy Perry, MD @ Workforce BluePrint, a leader in adult learning for 28+ years, an entrepreneur, coach and mentor, this workshop will see you leave with your knowledge captured in a way that you can market and add value to your current and potential clients and students.

Edulyte is the EdTech partner for this workshop.

This event is supported by UniSA’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre, which supports high growth and scalable technology startups through programs to produce the next generation of companies and employers.

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