Would you Like to Attract Employees in Times of Labour and Skills Shortages plus Upscale the People Aspects of your (or your members) Business?

Labour and Skills Shortages are a #1 issue for most employers, every sector, regional locations especially, and a problem that government, business, and industry stakeholders are trying to solve.


For example, in new headlines for today (25.3.22),


ACCI releases blueprint to tackle labour and skills crisis – “With the equal lowest unemployment in decades, the highest job vacancy rate since 2008 and the slowest population growth in over a century, the labour constraints faced by businesses will only worsen as the economy strengthens following the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Australia should grant temporary visas for all jobs earning over $70,000, report says – “The Grattan Institute called for a new temporary skilled worker visa, granting a right to work in Australia for four years, with no restriction on renewal and a clear pathway to permanent residency.”


Now is not time to end wage subsidies for apprentices and trainees – “The significant increase in apprenticeship and traineeship commencements announced today continues the strong inroads made in skilling our local workforce.


However, to lock in and continue these strong gains, wage subsidies to support businesses employing an apprentice or trainee must be extended.”


Beyond glossy reports that summarises what you already know, help your organisation or members, city or town, region or industry, by addressing these issues in very practical ways.  Step by step here is what you could consider, compare your approach, implement new suggestions and see the difference that it can make.


Many have been asking about The How to Attract Employees in Times of Labour and Skills Shortages plus Upscaling the People Aspects of your Business session which can be delivered face to face, hybrid and/or online, using an interactive, tailored approach.


There are several keynotes and programs available on the Workforce BluePrint website and/or an activity can be specifically designed for your audience.


Having run this session for employers, particularly in regions,


“Feedback suggests that it was very valuable info and people who have spoken to me have all said they picked up a few pointers they just hadn’t considered. And having an interactive session meant that other people’s experiences or questions made us all consider our own situation. So, thank you.”


So here is the starting point outline,


Title: How to Attract Employees in Times of Labour and Skills Shortages plus Upscaling the People Aspects of your Business’ (title can be customised to suit your audience)


Description: Are you looking for new employees?  And perhaps you are regionally based and/or there isn’t enough interest from potential applicants?  Consider what makes you stand out as an employer and work through what you need to do as an employer in relation to:


  • Salaries and benefits – working conditions
  • Hiring process and recruitment
  • Online presence
  • Retention
  • Talent management
  • Attraction – diverse labour pool; advertising and appeal
  • Growth and development – skills and experience
  • Engagement – employees and training; regional opportunities
  • Social inclusion and diversity

In a practical, interactive and conversational style session with the opportunity to review benefits and benchmarking, work on suggestions and simple ideas including what you can include in your retention strategy to attract top talent, keep valuable employees, reduce turnover, and lower your costs.


This session can link with strategic directions and objectives, industry, employer and regional research, reflecting specifically the state of the labour market now, tapping into latent workforce potential, sector labour and skills shortages, regional employment issues, where to get support and funding, practical workforce solutions to implement addressing priority workforce challenges.


Capacity: unlimited


Duration: 1 hour and can be flexible based upon your suggestion


Delivery: online, face to face and/or hybrid


AV, venue and catering: for you to cover


Distribution and marketing: via your distribution lists and a bonus is the option of also marketing the session via Workforce BluePrint and Switch Start Scale networks including 60 000 contacts via email and 100 000 followers on social media channels.


Please feel free to reach out and get in touch via wendy@workforceblueprint.com.au with any questions plus suggestions on dates, times and delivery approach, thank you.

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