Enhancing Business Support Capacity: A Customised Approach


Program Aim: This program is designed to equip newly appointed Small Business Support Officers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to effectively support diverse small businesses in Australia. It will also facilitate connections to existing services and advice.

Location: In-person and/or Virtual

Structure: 8 sessions in 8 x 1 hour webinars; or 8 x 2 hour face to face sessions.

Investment: $1100.00 incl GST per person

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Schedule & Curriculum:

Module 1 – Welcome & Introduction

Session 1: Welcome and Introductions

  • Ice Breaker Activities
  • Outlining Program Objectives

Session 2: Understanding the Australian Small Business Landscape

  • Unique challenges and opportunities within different industries
  • Business life cycle stages
  • Legal and regulatory environment

Module 2 – Unpacking Small Business Needs

Session 1: Recognising the Diversity of Small Businesses

  • Business models: brick-and-mortar, online, hybrid
  • Size, industry, and geographical location
  • Business culture and values

Session 2: Understanding Unique Needs

  • Market research and competition analysis
  • Understanding customer profiles and needs
  • Financial planning and management
  • Talent acquisition and HR needs

Module 3 – Core Business Skills

Session 1: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • The entrepreneurial mindset
  •  Design thinking for innovation

Session 2: Marketing and Sales

  • Basics of marketing strategy
  • Sales techniques for small businesses

Module 4 – Financial Skills for Business Support

Session 1: Understanding Business Finance

  • Reading financial statements
  • Basics of financial forecasting

Session 2: Access to Finance

  • Types of funding available for small businesses
  • Preparing businesses for financing pitches

Module 5 – Networking & Connections

Session 1: Building Business Networks

  • ·         The power of networking for small businesses
  • ·         Networking techniques and etiquette

Session 2: Facilitating Connections to Services and Advice

  • ·         Overview of available resources and services
  • ·         Case studies of successful service connections


Module 6 – Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Session 1: Business Law Basics

  • Types of business structures
  • Contract law, employment law, IP rights

Session 2: Understanding Regulatory Compliance

  • Relevant laws and regulations for small businesses
  • Ensuring businesses stay compliant

Module 7 – Soft Skills & Ethical Considerations

Session 1: Communication and Leadership Skills

  • Effective communication techniques
  • Leadership styles and adaptability

Session 2: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Understanding ethical issues in business
  • The role of CSR in small businesses
  • Program Conclusion & Evaluation

Session 1: Recap and Q&A Session

  • Review of the main takeaways from the program
  • Open Q&A session

Session 2: Evaluation and Closing

  • Participant feedback collection
  • Award of certificates - microcredentials

Closing remarks

The participants will be provided with resources such as readings, videos, and case studies to supplement each session, using a flipped classroom approach.  Active learning will be encouraged through group discussions, presentations, and problem-solving activities.

Optional Post-Program Support: Upon completion, participants will have access to an online platform for continued learning and networking.  It will include webinars, discussion forums, and updates on changes in the business environment.

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