TAKE ACTION Series of Webinars and Workshops


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1. “Mastering Workforce Planning with TAKE ACTION: A Step-by-Step Guide” This webinar/workshop is your comprehensive roadmap to mastering the TAKE ACTION workforce planning system. Walking you through each step, from identifying the need for workforce planning to co-designing solutions with stakeholders. Whether you’re new to workforce planning or looking to refine your strategies, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need for success.

2. “Strategic Workforce Planning for Business Resilience” In an ever-changing business landscape, business resilience is key to survival. This session delves into how strategic workforce planning can fortify your organisation against challenges and uncertainties. Discover how to align your workforce with your business strategy to ensure continuity and adaptability.

3. “Aligning Workforce Planning with Regional Development Goals” Explore the intersection of workforce planning and regional development in this insightful session. Learn how to harmonise your organisation or industry sector workforce goals with broader regional development objectives. Discussing strategies for leveraging workforce planning to contribute positively to your region’s growth and prosperity.

4. “Effective Communication and Consultation Strategies in Workforce Planning” Communication is a linchpin in successful workforce planning. This sessoin focuses on honing your communication and consultation skills. Discover how to engage stakeholders effectively, convey your workforce vision, and build consensus within your plan.

5. “Creating Preferred Future Scenarios: A Deep Dive” Dive deep into the art of scenario planning in this session. Explore the intricacies of crafting preferred future scenarios that guide your workforce planning efforts. Explore techniques for assessing driving forces, developing compelling narratives, and assessing the implications of different scenarios.

6. “Addressing Workforce Gaps: Strategies for Success” Uncover practical strategies for addressing workforce gaps, from analysing current workforce profiles to identifying critical job roles, guiding you through the process of identifying and addressing gaps in your workforce.

7. “Co-Designing Workforce Solutions with Stakeholders” Collaboration is at the heart of effective workforce planning. Learn how to harness the collective wisdom of your stakeholders to co-design innovative workforce solutions. This session explores best practices, case studies, and tools for involving diverse voices in your planning process.

8. “Monitoring Progress and Accountability in Workforce Planning” Effective workforce planning doesn’t end with the action plan. Discover how to establish robust monitoring mechanisms and ensure accountability throughout the implementation process, providing practical insights on tracking progress and addressing challenges.

9. “Preparing for the Next Workforce: A 21st-Century Approach” Take a forward-looking approach to workforce planning, exploring how to anticipate and prepare for the next workforce, whether it’s five, ten, or fifteen years down the road. Dive into the future of employment, entrepreneurship, and global trends that will shape your workforce.

10. “Unlocking the Full Potential of TAKE ACTION: Tips and Tricks” Get the most out of the TAKE ACTION system with expert tips and tricks, offering insights and shortcuts for effectively implementing the system, maximising its benefits, and overcoming common challenges. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced workforce planner, you’ll leave with valuable insights to enhance your workforce planning efforts.

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